Dried sea cucumber


Dried sea cucumber



1. Anti-aging, eliminate fatigue, improve immunity, enhance resistance to disease.(rich in protein, minerals, vitamins,etc. more than 50 kinds of natural precious substances)

2. Enhance male sexual function. Female menstrual blood loss, additional blood. Rich in arginine, iron, and sea cucumber collagen

3. Rich in taurine, lysine and active substances Holothurin. For hepatitis, tuberculosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease has obvious therapeutic effect.

4. Contain two kinds of polyunsaturated fatty acids(EPA and DHA), enhance memory, increase women’s breast milk.

5. Containing a sea cucumber saponins inhibit cancer growth and metastasis of tumor cells

6. High protein, low fat, low cholesterol food, but human body easy to digest and absorb.

7. Ginseng, bird’s nest a similar nutritional value.

8. High nutritional value, high quality.




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